Booze and Takeaways Are Making Our Pets Fat

By Tom Pritchard on at

At this point we all know that a diet of booze and cheap greasy kebab or chicken nuggets is bad for us. How could we not? Unfortunately there's an unintended side effect, because that diet is the cause of a brand new obesity crisis. A crisis of overweight pets.

That's according to Vets charity PDSA, who claim that thick owners are offering them treats of cake, chocolate, takeaway scraps, and even booze. Obviously that's the kind of food that causes animals to pack on the pounds, which can lead to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer. Plus, some of that food (like chocolate and booze) is poisonous to some domestic animals.

So people really are slowly killing their pets with kindness, though I'm a little baffled at the prospect of anyone giving alcohol to their pet cat.

To tackle the problem and promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle for pets, the PDSA has once again launched its 'Pet Fit Club' competition, encouraging owners to get involved. Pet Fit Club is a six month diet and exercise programme, designed and overseen by PDSA vets and nurses across the country.

Owners of chubby pets can enter Pet Fit Club right now, but only 12 pets will be selected to take part. Entries are open until Sunday 6th of March.

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