Bowie's Typically-Weird 'Blackstar' Miniseries Has Hit Instagram

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 16-part series called Unbound that includes music from Bowie's final album has arrived on Instagram of all places, where fans can now see 15 seconds of not entirely sense-making action.

The clip itself resembles a scene from Friends more than anything from the Bowie back catalogue, as a mass of people on posh sofas chit-chat and display an interest in literature while being watched by a menacing chap in a nice armchair. That's all that happens, but then it's quite hard to tell much of a story in 15 seconds.

The miniseries was completed in late 2015 before the star's death, and should, eventually, through the medium of 16 short clips, provide enthusiasts with a "journey of evocative images inspired by the moods suggested in the album’s music, lyrics and artwork."

So it's like a video, but short and on the internet so modern people can manage to pay attention to it. [Instagram via Guardian]

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