British Gas and EDF Finally Chop UK Gas Prices

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Gas and EDF Energy have both rather belatedly joined the energy price-cutting party, revealing plans to cut around five per cent from household gas charges.

British Gas's 5.1 per cent cut kicks in from March 16 -- when the weather gets warmer, the cynical shits -- with EDF leaving it until a week later to introduce its 5.0 per cent reduction.

This drop has led BG to claim that the average UK household gas bill will be nearly £100 lower than it was this time last year, with the company's energy supply & services CEO Mark Hodges saying: "...our three price reductions will bring the average household’s annual energy bill down by almost £100. British Gas will be cheaper than 95 per cent of the market, for a typical household on a standard dual-fuel tariff. Competitive pricing is the way to retain existing customers and win new business in this hard-fought market."

Cost savings are based on an average gas consumption of 12,500 kWh of gas per year, so if you're tough and wear jumpers until your toes start going numb before putting a radiator on, you save less. [British Gas via BBC]

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