BT Glosses Over Getting the Invention of the Internet Wrong

By Gary Cutlack on at

The internet -- by which we mean all the people looking at their phones and sniggering at things invariably involving fat people, steps and animals -- had fun mocking BT this weekend, after it claimed in an advert that the UK invented "the internet" as a whole.

"We believe that the country that invented the internet should have world-class access to it," read the advert in question. What those blundering copywriters at BT Openreach's preferred agency failed to notice -- but a billion interconnected tedious comment-leaving smartarses did -- is that "the internet" and the "world wide web" are completely different things.

As in, "the internet" was a US governmental initiative gradually pushed into being from the 1960s, before the "www" interface bit that made it infinitely more fun and let online porn happen was indeed invented by that British man from the Olympics opening ceremony in the 1990s. Haha, how could someone not know that?

But of course BT did know all this and was just dumbing things down for its audience of stupid people who can barely plug a wire into a hole unassisted by an engineer, with a spokesperson saying: "For most people, the words 'internet' and 'world wide web' are interchangeable. We accept the language wasn't precise enough for some, but no harm has been done."

Apart from the massive harm done to the reputation of the UK's leading technical infrastructure provider. [BBC]

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