BT Prepping Free New Service For Automatically Blocking Nuisance Calls

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

BT has declared war on the voices behind irritating PPI, personal injury claims and marketing messages. The company’s preparing a new service that will identify and divert nuisance calls to a junk voicemail box, and customers can expect to welcome it into their homes later this year.

The telecommunications giant says it expects to block around 25 million unwanted calls per week, which adds up to a massive 5 billion per year. As well as automatically hunting down rogue callers, it will also allow customers to add numbers to a blacklist for free.

It won’t be an easy task, requiring significant computing power, but should save us a few minutes of cursing per month. TalkTalk already offers a similar free service, which enables customers to block calls from withheld numbers.

Unfortunately for us, nuisance callers are expected to adapt to BT's new measures by regularly switching numbers. BT, prepare for a hell of a battle. [BBC]