Carry Over Your Unused Mobile Data for Free With Carphone Warehouse's iD Plans

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Carphone Warehouse has announced that customers on its 12- or 24-month GoTo iD plans or one-month GoTo SIM-only plan can now carry their unused data into the following month, free of charge. If you have a data cap of 6GB, for instance, and only munch through 4.5GB of that, you’ll have 7.5GB to play with the following month.

It’s a big new draw, which will see customers get exactly what they’re paying for. You can check what you’ve carried over through the iD app or the My iD Account section of the iD Mobile website.

It’s refreshing to see a carrier offering mobile data perks, especially after the controversy caused by Three last month. The company's given customers 30 days to either switch from a £17 a month contract to a £30 a month tariff, or find an alternate plan. So much for making things right.