Crossrail to be Royally Renamed the "Elizabeth Line" - After the Signs Have Already Gone Up

By Gerald Lynch on at

She's already got the Jubilee Line on the tube named after her, and now the Queen is set to lend her name to another of London's public transport lines. The Crossrail train connection is to be renamed the "Elizabeth Line" when its service begins in five years time. Cue jokes about it taking 70 years to be ready and costing the taxpayer a fortune.

Boris Johnson has apparently lead the charge to have the service renamed.

“We need a proper name for Crossrail, the vast new line on London’s underground network — and who better to give her name to that line than someone who has served her country so unfailingly and well for 60 years,” he said.

Stretching from Reading in the West to Abbey Wood in East London, as well as branching out to the suburbs of Shenfield in Essex, the multi-million pound project is now 70 per cent complete, with the trains themselves already shown off in pre-build render designs. They'll come with Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity and air conditioning as standard.

The news came as the Queen visited Bond Street Station today, which will have 24 trains running per hour in each direction once Crossrail...wait, sorry...the Elizabeth Line starts rolling down the tracks.

Oh, and a tip of the hat to Paul Hardcastle, Twitter's @hardcastle, who noted that the name change comes after TfL already paid for a shit load of Crossrail signage:

Gotta wonder how much that's cost. Don't worry, I'm sure your inflated Oyster Card charges will even out the difference.