DJI Releases its Own Version of Apple Care Because Drones Constantly Crash

By Bryan Lufkin on at

Everyone’s buying drones nowadays. They’re also crashing them – frequently. So the world’s biggest drone company has revealed a (pricey) protection plan that covers the next time your (already pricey) drone takes a spill.

Chinese drone maker DJI revealed today that it’s launching “DJI Care,” which’ll give “peace of mind and an enhanced after-sales experience” for owners of its Phantom 3 line and the 2.0 version of the Inspire 1. Plans are available for six months or 12, ranging in price from $99 to $699 (that's between £70 and £496 on a direct conversion, any localised prices are TBA).

DJI Care will first be made available to customers in the US, mainland China, and parts of Europe. Inevitably, it’s a sign that companies like DJI is happy to make a buck off of lazy new drone pilots who don’t want to fix their DIY gadgets themselves. [DJI via TechCrunch]

Image: Shutterstock