Driverless Cars Will Soon Be Tested on the Streets of Greenwich

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Though driverless cars are rarely out of the headlines these days, the US has had pretty much all of the fun, with loads of major projects being tested on the roads of California and Texas. Soon, however, it’ll be our time to shine. The government has just announced MOVE_UK, a consortium of companies that's been given the green light to trial driverless cars on UK roads.

Greenwich has been chosen as the location for real-world testing, with the vroom-vroom-crash of driverless vehicles (I jest, of course) soon set to fill the lovely south-east London air. Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover, Direct Line Group, The Floow and the Royal Borough of Greenwich will work with the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) on the three-year project, which the government has provided a £5.5 million kitty for.

“To successfully introduce autonomous cars, we actually need to focus more on the driver than ever before," said Dr Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar Land Rover's director of research and technology. "Understanding how drivers react to a range of very dynamic and random situations in the real world is essential if we want drivers to embrace autonomous cars in the future.”

It's a very exciting move, and similar trials are set to take place in Coventry, Bristol and Milton Keynes in the summer. Lovely future, come here and give me a cuddle.

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