Embrace Blizzards With a Pair of Wearable Sleds Strapped to Your Legs

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If your morning commute becomes a struggle after an overnight snowfall, maybe you just don’t have the right gear. Wrangling a snowboard or a set of skis into the office isn’t practical, but a pair of sleds that strap to your legs? Suddenly you’ll start looking forward to blizzards.

If you’ve ever worn shin pads, you’ll probably be immediately comfortable strapping on the Sled Legs which feature a rigid ABS plastic shell on the outside, and foam padding on the inside.


Embrace Blizzards With a Pair of Wearable Sleds Strapped To Your Legs


As the name implies, sliding down a snow-covered hill on the Sled Legs is not unlike riding a toboggan while kneeling on it. Except the innovation here is that there’s nothing to carry while you climb back up a hill for your next ride.

Adjustable straps and two different size options mean the Sled Legs can be worn by both the short and the tall, and its creators claim that with a little practice you can actually learn to run while they’re strapped to your legs. So if you find yourself at the bottom of a steep hill with another sledder bearing down on you, you can quickly get out of their way.


Embrace Blizzards With a Pair of Wearable Sleds Strapped To Your Legs


Available for pre-order through an Indiegogo campaign that’s trying to raise $25,000, a pair of Sled Legs will cost you £58 ($84) if you’re willing to donate now for a March 2016 delivery — assuming all goes smoothly and they reach their funding goal.

If you’d rather hold off until the Sled Legs start popping up in stores, though, you’ll be spending closer to (£97) $140 for a set, so the risk of supporting a crowdfunded product might pay off this time. Or you can just do what everyone else does after a heavy snowfall, and just hide inside and wait until spring arrives. [Indiegogo - Sled Legs via Gizmag]