Facebook's Offering Free Ad Credit to Vocal Anti-Extremists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook has been putting its money where its mouth is in following through with its promotion of the positive "counter-speech" notion, funding comedians, students and protesters who wish to use the social network to try to shout down hate groups.

The Wall Street Journal has listed a variety of under-the-radar methods Facebook has recently used to help put its "counter-speech" concept into being, including giving $1,000 worth of free advertising to German comedian Arbi el Ayachi to put together a video that put some facts straight regarding halal meat, also handing out $200 in ad credits to student groups given the task of creating positive messages to counter extremism.

Perhaps more controversial than free ad credit is Facebook allowing former members of extremist groups to start up new accounts under made-up names, then use these fake identities to return to their former hate-spreading online homes to try to spread a message of reform among those still current and active.

This resulted in "more, and longer-lasting, conversations" than mere spamming from randoms, although actual data on how many people have thus been converted to the light side as a result has not been shared. [WSJ via The Verge]

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