Fancy Working for Google? It's Hiring Self-Driving Car Boffins

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Google has kicked off a major recruitment drive, as it looks to attract the best automotive talent in the world. The search giant has reportedly just posted 36 jobs -- one of which you'll find here -- which are all related to the Google X car project. It’s advertising a wide range of roles, related to engineering, management and marketing.

The move comes as a slight surprise, as Google was previously expected to partner with an existing car-manufacturer and simply simply feed its software into third-party-built cars, as it does with Android phones. However, it now looks like the company’s going all in on the hardware side too.

A listing for a manufacturing process engineer job listing describes responsibility for "designing factory assembly stations, optimising production floor layout, automating critical manufacturing processes and approving fixture designs used in the assembly of electronic modules." A manufacturing supplier quality engineer, on the other hand, would be required to create and approve "manufacturing inspection processes, equipment, tools gauges and fixtures for raw material, mechanical components and mechanical assemblies." That's me out of the running.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently told Google that its autonomous cars are roadworthy, despite their lack of traditional controls, like pedals and steering wheels. That’s the news the company had been holding out for, and should see those cute koala cars hit public roads in the not-too-distant future. [Guardian]