First Direct and HSBC Will Offer Biometric Alternatives to the PIN

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

First Direct (you know, the one behind those annoying platypus ads) and HSBC have announced that customers will soon be able to access their accounts with their voices and fingerprints. By ‘soon’, we’re not talking about next year. First Direct will make the options available in March, with HSBC following suit in the summer.

Customers who fancy a change will need to use their bank’s app to set a ‘voice print’, a short phrase that will replace the security password or PIN code currently required for account access. It’s a very similar story on the fingerprint front, with Touch ID set to play a major role. Whether or not this means that Android users will be left out of the fun remains to be seen, as the people making the announcement might have said TouchID in the same way that people referring to all tablets say iPad.

"While this is the largest roll out of voice ID in the UK banking, other industries will soon follow our lead," said Tracy Garrad, the chief executive of First Direct. Managing your finances just got.. sexy? [SkyNews]