France's Google Tax Demand Makes the UK One Look A Pittance

By Gary Cutlack on at

France would also like Google to do what it did in the UK and hand over a bit of extra tax revenue, please, although it would like quite a bit more than the sum that was recently agreed with UK tax inspectors -- nearly ten times as much, in fact.

According to Reuters sources, French authorities are negotiating a deal that would see a line drawn under the multinational's aggressive global tax avoidance schemes in return for the equivalent of around £1.2bn, with an unnamed source telling the news site that: "As far as our country is concerned, back taxes concerning this company amount to 1.6 billion euros."

No workings have been shown, with Google simply responding with the comment, as ever, that it obeys the tax laws in each country in which it operates. Reports suggesting France is after a deal with Google go all the way back to 2012, when a figure of €1bn was mentioned; still much more of a punishment than the shamefully low sum of £130m that was deemed enough to get Google off the hook for historic allegations of murky tax practices in the UK. [Reuters via Engadget]

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