Free 1980s Coding Books for Everyone With the Inclination

By Gary Cutlack on at

Educational publisher Usborne has unleashed some 1980s nostalgia on the world, republishing a selection of its computer programming books online for us to reminisce over and still not really understand 30 years on.

The books, complete with such terrifying titles as Machine Code for Beginners and Computer Space Games are all free to download direct from Usborne. Some of the code concepts are no doubt similar to modern techniques, although the casual primary school coder of today is likely to be using something a little more accessible than pure machine code to develop his or her future unicorn valuation app.

But if your dad's still got a BBC Micro in the loft, you're sorted. They're all available as PDFs from Usborne here.

The old books are being stuck out there for free to help promote two new coding tutorial releases, the utterly modern Lift-the-flap computers and coding and Coding for beginners using Scratch -- the latter of which will help all primary school teachers suddenly dropped in at the deep end and told to teach children how apps and games are made, seeing as the Scratch tool was one used in the recent Hour of Code events. [Usborne via The Register]

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