Giant, Miserable Cartoon Metaphors Are Stomping Around Yorkshire

By Gary Cutlack on at

A series of gigantic toys are being erected in Yorkshire, as the first UK exhibit from US sculptor and artist KAWS opens for business.

KAWS' work involves creating massive cartoon character statues, with big hands, goofy postures and sad eyes. Some even look dead. Most are nightmare material, and six of them are currently ready for business at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in... Yorkshire, where some of the artist's paintings are also featured within the Longside Gallery.

The huge figures have evocative names like FINAL DAYS and ACCOMPLICE, meaning you don't need an art degree to work out that these things are metaphors for something. Being sad on the inside, probably. That's what all art is about.

The exhibit opens on February 6. [YSP via Creative Boom]

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