Google Launches War on Fake Download/Install/OK Buttons

By Gary Cutlack on at

You know when you go to download something and the page is covered in adverts saying Yes/No/Install/Download /Update and so on, and very occasionally you have to hate yourself for an entire quarter because you were tricked into clicking an advert? That's Google's latest attack target.

The search giant has announced the move as an extension of its Safe Browsing tools, the system that pops up something serious sounding that you don't read before proceeding anyway. That will soon come with enhanced tools to tell users that something deceptive may lay ahead, giving the option to abandon the visit -- or proceed anyway.

Google says it wants to protect us from "deceptive embedded content, like social engineering ads," which is a little bit odd seeing as we're sure plenty of them are published through its own advertising network, so there must be a more direct way of stopping them at source.

Deceptive download buttons are one of the key targets, along with those messages designed to trick your mum into installing browser toolbars by claiming her system is out of date (it is, but they weren't to know), with Google now warning that suspect sites "...may trick you into doing something dangerous." [Google via TorrentFreak]

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