Google's Boss Becomes the Best Paid Manager in the US

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's Sundar Pichai is now the best paid company boss in the US, thanks to his loyalty to the cause earning him a nice chunk of 273,328 shares in umbrella company Alphabet -- worth around $199m (£138m) depending on whether today's a good or bad day for the US markets.

A regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission revealed Pichai's new wealth, although this year's share allowance is hardly likely to change his life. He already owns around $450m in Alphabet shares, so this additional chunk allocated to him in early February is merely adding to the mountain of money he has. On paper, at least.

Sadly for Sundar, he can't just sell the lot and retire to a life of aimlessly walking around a big, empty house, while reminding himself that he's won at life. The shares are to be gradually vested in his name, meaning he won't be free to start collecting Ferraris until 2019, when this latest tranche is fully transferred into his ownership. [BBC]

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