Have You Read the UK's New Daily Newspaper Yet?

By Gary Cutlack on at

We thought the country had had enough of newspapers seeing as we're closing them and would rather spend our commutes rearranging fruit on mobile phones and sniggering at funny cat photos, but apparently not -- there's a new daily newspaper in the UK today, one that promises to be all straightforward, apolitical and honest.

It's called New Day and is free today. Tomorrow it'll be 25p. In a week or two it'll be 50p. The pitch from publisher Trinity Mirror is trying to make it sound like your everyday voice of the people thing, one that doesn't express any political leanings, writes all in normal person speak like what we do here, and offers a platform where "everyone can have a voice."

Initial reviews are categorising it as a bit like Metro or the Daily Mail or i but without quite so much lighthearted celebrity drivel, although with photos of David Cameron and Cheryl Whatever-Her-Surname-Is-Now atop the first issue's cover, it's already looking pretty interchangeable with the rest of the existing print sector.

In a weird modern twist, there's no accompanying web site for New Day. Although it is on Twitter, where it's been retweeting praise and launch day photos taken by media-aware early adopters and people who commute into cities from the countryside and are always grateful for any kind of free kindling. [Press Gazette]

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