Heathrow Flight Abandoned After Virgin Atlantic Pilot Got Laser Zapped

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to New York was abandoned shortly after passing over Ireland and out into the Atlantic, after one of the pilots reported a "medical issue" believed to have been triggered by someone shining a laser into the cockpit shortly after take off.

Audio from the cockpit has been released, in which we can hear the staff telling air traffic control that a "...medical issue with one of the pilots after a laser incident after take-off" required the plane to turn around and head back to Heathrow.

The police are already involved, with Virgin's crew reporting that the incident took place around six or seven miles west of Heathrow, and a Virgin spokesperson saying: "We are working with the authorities to identify the source of the laser that caused the return of the aircraft to Heathrow."

So if you know any unruly youths in the Slough area, drop them in it. [Sky]