Here's How London's Skyline Could Look if 250 Planned Skyscrapers Go Ahead

By Gary Cutlack on at

Analysis of over 250 new London building projects that are either underway or at planning official wining and dining stage has given us a glimpse at the city's possible future skyline, with CG models of planned skyscrapers added to the skyline so we can get an idea of how busy the skies may be one day.

The results may interest you, if you live in London or are familiar with some of its views, as pretty much all angles of the city are turned into a bleaker version of Singapore by the mass of planned towers.

Here's the Newsnight report from which the animations were pulled:

The report includes nice former planning officer Prof Peter Rees, who suggests London may have lost site of the reason to build things in the first place.

He rather bravely said some modern developments are little more than "safety deposit boxes for rich Russians and Chinese" to stash their money in in the form of assets, frittering away the scarce resource that is land in the capital; land that would be better spent on housing or at least offices for jobs. [Newsnight via Metro]

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