Holy Hell, the US Military Made the Fastest Quadcopter I've Ever Seen

By Bryan Lufkin on at

DARPA, the Pentagon’s research division, just revealed a speed demon quadcopter that flies 45 miles an hour. It’s like a cheetah drone. I can’t stop watching glorious footage of this glorious thing in action.
It’s a product of DARPA’s Fast Lightweight Autonomy program (FLA), whose goal is to beef up drone processing power that’ll let them carry out low-level tasks, like manoeuvring in a crowded space, without human help. What makes this little guy even more impressive is that it’s toting around a bunch of sensors and software so it can autonomously navigate around obstacles in its path—all while hitting those unprecedented speeds. That’s what makes this drone different from other similarly fast ones.

Pilot-free, lightweight, smart, and wicked quick. This tech could be a huge help for military members looking to save civilians in an unpredictable emergency situation, like an earthquake zone, or gather intel in complex indoor spaces sans a human with a remote control. Or just wow your face off.