House of Fraser's Annoying, Emoji-Spamming Twitter Account Hasn't Actually Been Hacked

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

In a rare case of an online account unfortunately not being hacked, House of Fraser has caused confusion, irritation and exasperation with its new emoji-based online campaign. The companyโ€™s Twitter feed is, quite frankly, a mess, crammed with pictures of celebrities Photoshopped with annoying emoji shit. Seriously, the state of this.






So whatโ€™s been going on? Hack attack? Drunk typing? Sadly not. Believe it or not, this was all intentional, with House of Fraser apparently testing out some horrific new marketing ideas. The company's banking on some recent Bangor University research, which claims that 18-25 year-old morons people find it easier to express emotions through emojis than words. Expect the company's Twitter and Facebook accounts to continue rolling out dross like this for the next two weeks. Yay. Unfollow. Unlike. Un-see. [CityAM]

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