IATA Says Drones Pose a "Growing Threat" to Passenger Planes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of the trade body that represents the aviation authority is getting seriously worried about the threat of drones interfering with passenger planes, saying the novelty gifts of the super-rich and flight hobbyists are frequently seen buzzing airports and giving pilots cause for concern.

The warning comes from Tony Tyler, head of aviation group the International Air Transport Association. Tyler told attendees at a conference in Singapore that: "The issue is real. We have plenty of pilot reports of drones where they were not expected, particularly at low altitudes around airports. There is no denying that there is a real and growing threat to the safety of civilian aircraft."

Regulation and databases and amateur flying licenses and perhaps even attack eagles would appear to be the key to reassuring Tyler that drones aren't going to end up taking out a passenger flight, with Tyler adding: "We need a sensible approach to regulation and a pragmatic method of enforcement for those who disregard rules and regulations and put others in danger." [BBC]

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