iPhone 7 to Shed Rear Camera Bump Butt

By Gerald Lynch on at

You. Don't. Like big butts (on your smartphone) and you cannot lie.

Sorry. Laboured joke there. But, when it comes to industrial design at least, one of the major bugbears many iPhone 6 and 6S owners have had is the way that the phone's camera module doesn't sit flush with the rest of the casing, protruding like a photo-taking wart from the top corner of the phone's rear. "Never in Steve Jobs' day," they cried, as iPhone owners worried about the bump getting damaged, while also being frustrated with the way it made the phone rock when it was sat on its back.

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According to MacRumors though, that's a problem that's set to be smoothed over. The iPhone 7 is said to feature a flush, flat rear, letting the lens sit in line with the aluminium casing. This may be a result of a dual-camera system, according to 9to5Mac, which would allow for higher quality images and maybe even and optical zoom. Also said to be leaving are the antenna lines that sit near the top and bottom of the current iPhone.

The removal of the bump doesn't necessarily mean the iPhone 7 could be slimmer – perhaps the rest of the phone will gain a few millimetres to even things up. Either way, we're unlikely to find out until September, being Apple's usual phone showcase slot. HOWEVER, there are rumours of a March 15th even which could reveal a new iPad Air 3, Apple Watch and even an iPhone 6C / 5SE. We'll keep you posted. [MacRumors]