Is The Third Time The Charm For SpaceX's SES-9 Launch Today?

By Andrew Liptak on at

SpaceX’s SES-9 mission is slated to launch later today at 11:46pm (GMT) from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The mission has been scrubbed twice already, so maybe the third time is the charm?

The company noted that they’re set to try another launch attempt tonight, but noted that they’re watching upper level wind speeds.

To recap, SpaceX will be launching a SES-9 communications satellite onboard a Falcon 9 rocket, and will then attempt to land the rocket on one of their autonomous barges, “Of Course I Still Love You.”(Named for Iain M. Banks’ sentient starships from Player of Games). SpaceX has downplayed their optimism for a successful landing. The company has yet to stick the landing of one of their rockets, even as they’re getting closer each time.

The rocket was originally slated for launch on Wednesday, but due to weather conditions and the status of the rocket’s fuel, they postponed to Thursday. The Thursday launch was also scrubbed, again due to fuelling problems.