James Bond: Who Should Follow Daniel Craig as the Next 007?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Daniel Craig, the James Bond who seemed to hate being James Bond, has reportedly quit the role to take on a US telly job, with 007 producers now left looking for a new man to fight the baffling plans of madmen in the franchise. So who should take on the job?

War & Peace actor James Norton is apparently one of the favourites among bookmakers, but unless you've watched the costume drama you probably won't know who he is. He also looks a bit posh and smug.

Idris Elba is repeatedly mentioned as a future Bond and appears to have the womanising aspect of the job down well, but is the world really ready for a black bond? Do the books specifically say he's not black?

Tom Hardy might be good. Especially if he wears his Bronson moustache and Super Hans is the gay villain. Ginger hunk Damian Lewis is very popular too, but would need buffing up a bit as he's never been particularly ripped. Craig David would provide some naming continuity.

Who else has got the muscles the role appears to require these days? [The Sun]

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