Kanye West's Created a Dreamy-Looking Video Game Based on His Mum's Death

By Gary Cutlack on at

Kanye West, the musician, fashion designer, tech blogger, limelight hogger and so on, is about to add a new string to his bow -- video game developer.

At the announcement of his latest line of expensive t-shirts and trainers last night, West also revealed a teaser trailer for a game him or at least some of his outsourced people have been working on. Called Only One, West says that games is: "...my mom traveling through the gates of heaven," and yes, the trailer does indeed show a black woman flying through the clouds as dreamy music plays.

It does, to be fair, look and sound like quite the relaxing and innovative experience, and it earns West some serious nice points for making an entire game about his mum:

She gets on a winged horse, too. No game mechanics are demonstrated, so we don't know if it's all about flying or if Kanye's mum eventually lands in heaven and starts collecting gold coins strewn across a variety of platforms. [YouTube via NME]

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