KinkBnB is AirBnB for Sex-Focused Nights Away

By Tom Pritchard on at

Are you the proud owner of your very own sex dungeon? Well you're in luck, because you now have a brand new potential source of income thanks to KinkBnB - an AirBnb-like service purely devoted to sex.

There are some AirBnB landlords who aren't fond of their flats being used for sexcapades, so for people hoping to get away and have a go at making the beast with two backs this is ideal. Each listing has all the usual stuff you'd expect from any AirBnB ad, as well as a special section detailing what sex aids are available. Specialist rooms, furniture, toys, that sort of thing.

KinkBnB came about because one of the founder's friends had pictures of sex rooms on a homesharing website, and the advert was taken down as a result. So now it's here to fill the gap in the market, and hopefully put an end to AirBnB hosts coming home to find their flat is being used to film porn or host an orgy.

Anyone can head over to the KinkBnB site to sign up as a host or a guest, but you will need to get an approval code from a moderator first. Apparently the listings are fairly US-focussed right now, but there are places available in cities all over the world.

[KinkBnB via The Telegraph]