LG's G5 to Have "Always On" Screen

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG's powering up the teasers for this year's G-series phone as we near Mobile World Congress 2016, with the company revealing an image of the thing and wording that claims its screen is "always on" -- via a monochrome notifications layer atop the main display.

The image above first came via Android Authority and gives us an idea of LG's plan to rework its own Glance View system as used within the G Flex 2 and G4. This time it's different, mind, as it appears to cover a larger area of the phone, plus, like it says, it's going to be always on. Your poor eyes.

Perhaps LG's taken some clues from the YotaPhone concept, a phone that had two screens; your usual colour thing and a low-power e-ink option for saving power. That would be but one way of making an always-on phone that doesn't also always-have-no-battery when you want to use it.

LG's now confirmed the existence of the feature on Twitter, where it's put together an animated GIF of the G5 figuratively putting other smartphones into the shade via its neverending information-displaying power. [Android Authority via Engadget]

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