Londoners Can Try the HTC Vive Ahead of Launch in a VR Zombie Survival Show

By Gary Cutlack on at

People in London, in March, and with an interest in HTC's Vive VR headset, are in luck. To promote the launch of the Valve-backed VR unit HTC's putting on a strange immersive theatre production based around the old zombie invasion theme.

"Enter a world that spans over half a kilometre and prepare for an hour long experience that will leave you terrified, amazed and wondering if the world is really about to end," they say, which makes it sound like everyone could just be taken to a branch of Ikea and left there to get a flatpacked table home on public transport.

The reality is that 22 actors have been employed to set up some sort of zombie scenario production, one peppered with VR Zones hosting Vive headsets. So you see a bit of acting, walk to a place, put on a headset and watch a cut-scene in VR, then -- thanks to Vive's room-scale VR technology and the way it maps its surroundings -- walk about while still wearing the units.

The catch is this interactive advert for HTC's hardware requires a ticket. Tickets cost £30 each. This could be the first example of anyone ever making some money out of VR. [Virtually Dead]

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