London's Underground Postal 'Mail Rail' Opens to the Public in Spring 2017

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's one of London's best kept secrets but, until 2003, Royal Mail used to operate a subterranean train line purely to transport mail between Paddington and Whitechapel. Now, 16 years after it shut down delivery services, it's set to re-open as part of a museum tourist attraction.

The 1km track, which operates from beneath the Mount Pleasant Post Office in Clerkenwell, will open as a ride across the road from the brand new Postal Museum.  Though the old cars are still at the site, new carriages with perspex viewing hoods will ferry passengers along an audio-visual historical tour, from the "Mail Rail's" (initially abandoned) Word War One construction right up to its turn-of-the-millennium closure.

Opening in Spring 2017, the attraction will be complimented by a permanent exhibition space at the new Postal Museum. An interactive experience, it'll show off explore everything from the Penny Black to the posties of the Blitz, as well as displaying the original 1963 plaster cast of  the Queen which remains the basis for postal stamps today. [Postal Museum]

Image Credit: Postal Museum (Twitter)