Maniac Murderer Charles Manson is a Hit on Tinder

By James O Malley on at

Ever wondered if a serial killer could get a date on Tinder? Wonder no more, thanks to mischief maker Natalie Walker, who has created profiles for killers Charles Manson and Aileen Wuornos.

Vice Motherboard reports on a trip down the Tinder rabbit-hole after realising that vintage photos of Manson don't look all that different from many of the real men who use the service.

The results of the experiment were pretty disturbing. It turns out that women were even willing to talk to "Charlie" on the dating app even after he mentioned the "imminent race war", a preoccupation of the real life Manson.

Worse still, she found that while it took Charlie three days to get a match, when she added the profile of Wuournos, who killed seven men in 1980, she got 12 matches in 8 minutes.

“I expected it to be easier [with men],” Walker told Vice, “but I didn’t understand how much easier it would be...It shows how much less careful guys have to be, too...They’re not as in danger of being victimized, so they can just swipe right willy-nilly.”

Sadly, Walker has since been banned from Tinder for obvious reasons. [Vice Motherboard]