Mark Zuckerberg Being Warned For Sweating Too Much Was the Best Part of His Keynote

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It’s safe to say that I was left a little disappointed by Mark Zuckerberg’s MWC keynote. Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Save The World’ blared out before the Facebook founder took the stage, getting us all hyped about the prospect of seeing the red-headed hotshot channel his inner Superman and deliver an impressive routine, blending acrobatics with tasty soundbites.

Instead, we were treated to a series of technical problems and a lot of the same-old. It was more than a little ironic that Zucks’ mic malfunctioned while he was talking about how Facebook’s mission is to help connect everyone in the world. Due to a dodgy connection, poor Mark was unable to get his message across to everybody in the room.

The most entertaining part came when a member of production brought a tissue on-stage, because Zuckerberg was sweating so much. “This is pretty painful up here,” he said a short while after mopping his brow and tugging at his mic for the umpteenth time. “It’s hard to concentrate with this thing.”

Despite the obvious communication problems, he did manage to get a handful of messages across. Referring to Apple’s ongoing battle with the FBI, he said, “We’re sympathetic with Apple on this one. We believe in encryption. [Enforcing the creation of a backdoor] is not the right regulatory policy to put in place. Backdoors won’t be effective in increasing security or the right thing to do.” All pretty standard.

Somewhat confusingly, he added that Facebook would comply with the government when it came to fighting terror, suggesting that, were he in Tim Cook’s shoes, the FBI would already have the information it wanted. Hmm.

Even his answer to questions about Jarvis, his personal AI was boring. Asked how his homemade, home-controlling system was coming along, Zuckerberg responded with a less-than-lukewarm, “It take a long time to build an AI. A lot longer than people think... It’s kind of nice.”

Good talk Mark.