Microsoft's New What-Dog-is-Your-Face Tool is Good, Silly Fun

By Adam Clark Estes on at

You need to play with, the latest silly viral sensation from Microsoft Garage. It’s really fun! is really simple. You search Bing for an image or upload one from your computer. And then the app tells you what kind of dog breed the face looks most like. Here’s my result:

Microsoft's New What-Dog-Is-Your-Face Tool Is Good, Dumb Fun

Note how my dog face-twin looks utterly insane. naturally comes from the same folks who a few months ago launched, a web app that would guess how old you are based on a photo. However, the added appeal of cute puppies will undeniably attract a whole new breed of internet attention-seekers. It’s also a great add for Microsoft’s new Fetch mobile app which lets you use your smartphone camera to take pictures of dogs and then tells you what kind of dog it is. More fun!

Have a go and put your best canine likenesses in the comments below! [Microsoft]