MWC 2016: All the Phones, Gadgets and Gear You Need to Know About

By Gizmodo UK on at

From virtual reality whales nearly giving our poor Aatif a heart attack to a sweaty Mark Zuckerberg talking the future of social networks (hint - it all comes back to VR again), there's clearly been one major story to tell at this year's Mobile World Congress. Virtual reality, if not the future, is at least the future of what's going to be continuously pushed upon consumers for the next few years. But, going by our experiences so far, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Still, there's a little more to be had from MWC 2016 than just headsets and goggles. From the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to LG's mad modular LG G5, here's everything that's happened so far at the annual mobile circus.

We'll be updating this post as the show rolls on, so keep an eye here for all this week's big mobile news.


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