New iPad Air 3 Rumours Suggest Previous iPad Air 3 Rumours Were Probably Accurate

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard that the next iPad Air will essentially be a smaller version of the iPad Pro, featuring support for the Apple Pencil, as well as quad speakers and an LED flash. According to Engadget, which cites a ‘reliable source’, all of that is indeed true. Hallelujah.

Thankfully, there is a bit of fresh news too. The latest leak suggests the iPad Air 3 will take after the iPhone 6S, in that it’ll be slightly thicker than its predecessor. If said source is correct, it’ll come in at 6.15mm thick, as opposed to 6.1mm. That’s it, Apple’s lost the plot (I joke, of course).

The much-rumoured 9.7-incher is expected to land in the real world in March, alongside a 4-inch iPhone, which surely won't be called the iPhone 5se. Shudder. [Engadget]

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