New Robot Wars 2.0 Teaser Shows... Dinosaurs?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A teaser trailer for the forthcoming reboot of Robot Wars has given us our first look at the house robots that Mike from Croydon will be attempting to dethrone with his mobile KitchenAid, and it all looks a bit.... gothic.

The clip doesn't really give much away, to be honest, including but a few silhouette shots of future destroyers of DIY machines. Still, it's something to get a bit excited about...

...with most people who still remember the original programme convinced that the spikes signal the return of Matilda, a fact that the Godzilla-styled trailer would seem to confirm.

Poor old Matilda was eaten and even set on fire in one of the previous shows, so she/it must've had quite the refit during the off years. [YouTube via Radio Times]

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