Night Tube Launch Rolls Closer as RMT Boss Agrees Terms

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Night Tube could be back on the menu, people. The head of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union has urged its members to snap up an improved pay and conditions deal, and a vote is set to kick off on February 11.

All we had to do was offer staff a two per cent pay rise in year one, RPI inflation (or one per cent, if that turns out to be more beneficial) in years two and three, and RPI plus 0.25 per cent (or one per cent, you guessed it, if that means more money) in year four. That's not all. Staff working on the Jubilee, Victoria, Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines -- those affected by the Night Tube -- will also pocket a £500 bonus. Easy.

Before you crack open the bubbly, bear in mind that the road -- or track -- isn’t yet clear. After all, the RMT union has 10,000 members, who could scupper the plans again by holding out for an improved offer. Oh, and there's the small issue of the three other unions. Aslef and TSSA, which rep train drivers and station staff, respectively, are still sitting on the fence, while Unite, which represents engineering staff, has reportedly already scoffed at the offer and wiped it across its backside. [BBC]

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