Obama Pledges to Double Spending on Renewable Energy Research By 2020

By Andrew Liptak on at

President Obama will be sending his budget to Congress this week, and in it, he’s announced that it will double the investment in research for clean and renewable energy sources.

The announcement builds on the President’s final State of the Union address and his appearance at the Paris Climate Conference, in which pointed to his administration’s efforts to support alternatives to coal and oil energy. Obama’s proposal will commit $12.8 billion (£8.8bn) in research by 2020, up from $6.4 billion (£4.4bn).

Here’s the weekly address:

The budget is not likely to find a favorable reception in the Republican-led Congress. According to the Washington Post, “the Republican leaders of the House and Senate budget committees have said they will not hold a customary hearing on the president’s budget proposal the day after they receive it.” [White House, Phys.org]

Image credit: AP Images