Pay £2 Billion for the M6 Toll Road and Scream in Horror as You Bleed Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 27-mile stretch of glorious British motorway could be yours, if your little ISA hasn't been smashed to pieces by the oil price crash, with an asking price of around £2bn said to be attached to the road.

The paid route between Cannock and Coleshill opened in 2003, and hasn't been the best of investments for its backers. Original operator Midlands Expressway Ltd had enough of the loss-making tarmac and handed control to a consortium of banks, and it seems they've now had enough of being in charge of a boring lump of road too.

The BBC says it's heard that a figure of around £1.9bn would be enough to buy the stretch of motorway from its besieged banker owners, a toll road which, despite the £5.50 fee to drive a car along its length, has never made a profit since opening. The buyer would take charge of the remaining portion of the 50-year concession to run it, leaving just 40 years to make it pay for itself.

Be warned that 52,735 vehicles use the stretch each day, though, so buying it to race go-karts along with your mates wouldn't work. [BBC]

Image credit: M6 Toll

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