Photoshop Reveals How Different Countries See Male Body Image

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Superdrug has decided to have a little fun and explore various nations' perceptions of beauty, sending the picture below to male and female graphic designers around the world. Their mission: make the happy chappy in the snap look more attractive to the citizens of their country. As you can see below, they went about this in some very different ways.

In many cases, the designers opted to slim him down and change his hair, but you can also see changes in skin tone, the addition of ludicrously oversized muscles and, in Serbia’s case, the appearance of a shit arm tattoo. Because nothing's sexier than a skin doodle. The Egyptian, Nigerian, Russia and South African efforts are my favourites.

The entire gallery's here.

Superdrug's no stranger to such campaigns, having issued a similar challenge last year. That one involved a female model, an in some cases the designers slimmed her down to near-anorexic proportions. [Buzzfeed]