Piers Morgan Doesn't Really Seem to Understand How iPhones Work

By Alissa Walker on at

There have been a ton of melodramatic statements made about Apple’s current disagreement with the FBI—many of them from Apple itself! But a tweetstorm from Piers Morgan this evening might take the cake.

Morgan’s wilfully ignorant and often inflammatory comments managed to engage the tech community and get some folks pretty riled up. Reading his tweets are like arguing with your dad.

Except it’s not really like an actual door—

Well, it’s not really hacking, it’s like—

Technically Apple can’t—

Safety isn’t—

But Mark Zuckerberg said—

Except Bill Gates didn’t say—hey, you know what, Piers?

Ok, well this one is probably true.

Now many journalists are calling for Morgan to test his assertions:

Featured image: Hello? (Photo by Jeff Schear / Getty Images)