Pure Evoke C-F6 All-in-One Music System Packs Spotify Connect (And Doesn't Forget Your CD Collection)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sure, you may be more regularly WhatsApp'ing links to your trying-too-hard Spotify playlist these days, but there will always be a place in your heart for that tower of CDs teetering on the edge of collapse in the corner of the room. Brit-based audio specialist Pure covers all the sonic bases with its new Evoke C range, offering wireless connectivity and radio functions, while also giving you a reason to dust off your CD collection.

Pure's new Evoke C-F6 (pictured up top) is its top of the line model, available today for £349.99. With a walnut finish (the unifying look of the Evoke C line), the stereo speaker offers DAB, Internet and FM radio, Bluetooth, alarm functionality and Spotify Connect. It's that last one bumps the price up (along with its 2.8-inch colour screen), letting you quickly throw Spotify songs to the C-F6 with a tap of an in-app icon. Multiple EQ settings can be used to tailor the sound of the speakers to your ears, too.

Elsewhere in the range is the Evoke C-D6 and C-D4, priced at £249.99 and £199.99 respectively. The C-D6, though slightly smaller than the C-F6 and without the colour screen, Internet radio and Spotify connect features, is otherwise all-but-identical to its pricier stablemate. The CD-4 also drops the colour display, Internet radio and Spotify Connect, but is a more compact package by opting for a top-mounted single mono speaker.

All Evoke models come with a sturdy remote control, too, while the Internet radio station can be selected through an accompanying app rather than faffing about with the player's dials.

We'll be having a closer look at the range ahead of a review in the coming weeks, but if you can't wait for our verdict you can pick 'em up now from John Lewis. [Pure]