Samsung Files a Whopper of a Battery for Galaxy S7 Edge

By Gary Cutlack on at

The version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge released in the US would appear to be going some way toward righting previous generational hardware wrongs, with Samsung looking to boost the phone's battery capacity to a much more workable 3600mAh.

That's a rather huge increase in capacity over the 2600mAh unit stuffed inside the Galaxy S6 Edge, a battery that struggled to keep last year's version of the curved, side-on-screen phone alive and operational for a decent amount of time.

The spec bump was spotted in a filing with US regulator the FCC, where an actual screenshot of the unreleased phone's battery info screen confirms the higher number. While radios and processors have varied by market in previous Galaxy S launches, the battery is usually one thing that doesn't change from region to region; so, fingers crossed, that ought to be the battery Samsung's whacking in the European models, too. [9to5Google]

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