Seeing the Most Decadent Chocolate Cake Get Made Is Just Unfair

By Casey Chan on at

Had lunch? Eaten dinner? I say stop eating and cancel all plans and purge yourself from any food that you’ve eaten, all so you can bake this chocolate cake and eat the whole damn thing. It’s the only natural way to react after watching Chef Steps put together what they call the ultimate chocolate cake.

It’s exactly like the chocolate cake you imagine when you think of chocolate cake. Layers after layers of rich dark decadence. Moist and spongy and light and perfect.

The secret ingredient according to Chef Steps is the addition of “of a magical little ingredient called glycerol monostearate, or GMS. Found in some of those fail-proof boxed cakes you loved as a kid, this easy-to-find powder keeps the fats suspended in the batter, leading to an impossibly moist crumb that’s never greasy.”