Shape-Shifting Mini Tank Transforms Into Many Different Vehicles

By Bryan Lufkin on at

Estonian defence company Milrem has developed a seriously cool military robot that is totally modular, so that it can easily morph from an unmanned combat unit, to a humanless firefighter, to a makeshift medevac.

The robot is called THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System). It’s two metres wide, nearly a metre tall, and it can hit over 20 miles per hour. The tank made its debut this week at the Singapore Airshow.

The unmanned combat vehicle consists of a base, which resembles the bottom of a tank, and then a top module, which can accommodate a ton of interchangeable add-ons. At the Airshow, Milrem showed off “THeMIS ADDER,” which is the main unit with a machine gun attached. The idea behind THeMIS is that different companies can come up with new ways of using it.

Milrem says prototype tests are complete and production should start next year. We’re excited to see what accessories get brewed up for this giant robotic Swiss Army Knife.


Shape-Shifting Mini Tank Transforms Into an Infinite Number of Vehicles

[Milrem via Gizmag]