Sky+ Update Will Fuel Your Binge-Watching Habits

By Gerald Lynch on at

Its next-gen Sky Q box may be starting to roll out to customers, but Sky is making good on its promise to keep its Sky+ service regularly updated too. Sky+ gets a swathe of new features today, designed to keep you binge watching.

The update mostly applies to Sky's Box Set feature, where you'll now be given the option to "Download All" episodes in a collection, moving them straight into your planner. To fuel your marathon viewing session, towards the end of an episode you'll see a "Watch Next" prompt to start the next show – a cue taken from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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"We’re introducing even more features that reflect the changing TV habits of our customers," said Michele Swaine, Director of Product Development, in this morning's press release.

"Up to 95% of viewing of dramas, for example, can take place after the episode is shown live as people increasingly choose to enjoy shows on demand. We’re committed to giving customers the choice of how they enjoy the shows they love whether that’s live TV or moving from episode to episode of your favourite box set."

As well as the headlining binge-viewing update features, Sky+ will soon also feature more recognisable show images within the New Series, Suggestions and Search field, with the Suggestions field now offering eight items you might be interested in. In addition, the recently launched Watchlist now handily orders movies by the date at which they will leave the Sky service, meaning you'll know exactly when the last chance to catch a film is. [Sky]