Someone's Created Protein-Rich "Health Beer" for Gym Bunnies Who Like to Party

By Gary Cutlack on at

That bottle up there is your key to getting ripped, apparently, as it's a high-protein beer ideal for building muscles after a workout.

The numbers on the label you'll be peeling off in silence while looking at your phone reveal that it has around 33 per cent fewer calories than the average beer, mainly thanks to having a claimed 85 per cent fewer carbs. But it's the protein count that men with arms able to carry shopping home without pain and constant sighing will be after, as the Barbell Brew is said to come with 21.8g of protein per bottle, or 95 per cent more than in non-sporting beers. That's about as much protein as you'd find in two fish fingers.

The maker describes the taste as not being like fish fingers at all, with: "The palate is unlike any other beer you’ve tasted before with assertive, resinous hops, biscuit malt flavour and a unique sweetness coming from the protein. Post swig -- your taste buds will be treated to an aggressive, dry and satisfying hoppy finish."

Barbell Brew is listed on UK beefcake portal MuscleFood but not actually on sale yet, at a steep RRP of £15.96 for six bottles. [MuscleFood via Sick Chirpse]

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