Sony's PlayStation VR Face Screen Has a Standalone Launch Event

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's US division has scheduled a press event covering just its PlayStation VR headset, with reporters, bloggers and anyone else on the important people list set to learn more about the device on March 15 -- as part of the hardware maker's pitch at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Lucky attendees first have to endure a presentation before getting some face-on experience with the device, with several hours of demo time scheduled for the afternoon. That hints that there ought to be some sort of games or at least "experiences" for attendees to try, but it's a firm release date for the hardware that gaming enthusiasts will be hoping to see.

That could make March 15 of 2016 one of the more momentous days in the entire history of expensive things you don't really need, as Apple also has an event scheduled for the same day -- where it's expected to announce the imminent release of the iPhone 5Se and perhaps do some jiggling of its tablet range. The results of that, according to rumour, could be on sale as soon as March 18 following Apple's event. Those after Sony's headset to relive the joys of Rez in full facial immersion and so close you can adoringly lick the bottom of it will almost certainly have to wait a bit longer. [The Verge]

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